Welcome to GameMaster.pro (GMP), an interactive game management tool! A little about me, I am a single developer with a very understanding spouse and daughter who started this project nearly a decade ago. Back then this was primarily built in excel and was not nearly so feature rich, but the concept originated from there. My goal was a system that made an adaptive storytelling style less work.

What is "adaptive storytelling" you ask? Another way to describe it would be "collabortive storytelling". My focus is on not just telling a good story, but doing so in partnership with the players. In order to facilitate that; my games are far less scripted. I tend to prepare worlds/characters more than specific sessions, and story arcs unfold based on the player actions, not in predetermined paths. Finding a system that helped enough, but not too much wasn't an option back then, so I built my own. GMP can accomodate more styles than just this, but its origin and focus is storytelling.

My goal with GMP is to provide infinite story/worldbuilding fodder, and help keep the mechanics of gamplay where they belong: in the background. What makes GMP different? Two words: NPC Generation. Ok, I guess that technically 4 words, but the point is GMP focuses on generating interesting and unique NPCs with more backstory than some player characters. These NPCs then continue to interact with their environment and other NPCs to createa a dynamic and ever changing world that adapts and evolves as the PCs travel through it.


Want updates?

Create a Living World

NPCs aren't just generated, they are born, live lives, and have families. Each region is seeded with a customizeable set of NPC's then "Aged" a few hundred or a few thousand years. Each year is "lived" by each NPC. They get jobs, meet, marry, have children, and die. They can pass on traits such as lineage (demonic, angelic, draconic), they may even contract Lycanthropy and pass that on! Their children are also more likely to follow in their footsteps. If the blacksmith in the town is from 6 generations of blacksmiths, you can bet they'd make some epic weaponry. If you choose have Monarchies in your world, royal bloodlines will be created. Just for fun, royals are twice as likely to be unfaithful, so you will almost certainly get illegitimate royal heirs to be villians, despots, or saviors. When you need an NPC you get physical traits, race, gender, profession, family relations, and so much more. Some NPCs could be a gaming session all by themselves!

Generated World Maps

Maps are procedurally generated vector graphics for each region/island based on Azgaar's a-ma-zing Fantasy Map Generator. Realistic natural land shapes with climate and biome to match. Cultures, Governments, and Religions can all be set to expand and grow organically. When governments expand and meet other governments, diplomatic relations are created. Cities and points of interest (POI eg. Monsters, ruins, bandits, natural features) are spread throughout the land with corresponding randomly generated story hooks. Cities have seasonal climate averages, elevations, and features like walls, temples, markets, etc. If there aren't any cities or POI nearby, you can generate a random story hook at the click of a button. Also:

  • Easily keep track of party movement!
  • Travel times are all calculated for you based on chosen movement speed.
  • Add Henchmen to the party and keep there info close at hand.
  • Take notes about the party for use later.
  • You can even run multiple parties in the same campaign, tracking their impact on the world together; or use the same world, but keep all changes separate.

Point and Click Combat

Combat and skill rolls are a click away. Monster attacks are calculated/rolled automatically from a single click, and "on the fly" rolls are just as easy. The system is based in d20 with optional advantage/disadvantage. Track initiative, hit points, turn order, status effects, spell effects. The same theory of help enough, but not too much applies here. The attacks calculate what AC would be hit and how much damage is done, but you can apply that damage or adjust it with just a few clicks. So it tells you the random result, but gives you the final say on how events play out. Combat is a breeze with GMP


Why this?

Because I wanted it. No, really, I'm doing this for my personal use first and foremost. I would love for it to be used by others, even if it is a very limited number.

Are you planning on charging? When?

It really depends on popularity. If enough people want to use it, I may charge a small fee. If it grows enough I would have to start charging something for server fees, or at least request donations or add "feature upgrades".

How much?

Not a ton. I'm thinking $1.50 - $2.50/mo or $15 - $20/yr. I would much rather have 1000 users paying $1 than 100 users paying $10.

Does your site work with "XYZ" system?

Unless its d20, nope. Or at least not yet. If there is enough interest I am willing to support any system.


If there isn't much interest then my progress will be slower. I'm perfectly willing to use my system even if it's buggy, but if others are relying on it for their games I'll be more motivated. So sign up if you like what you see!

What features are planned/implemented that aren't in the video/screenshots?
  • Campaign/Story sharing
  • Color/Pallet customization
  • Timeline, plot points, and POI visibility
  • Rule/System reference (perhaps editable for house rules)
  • Quick generate NPC class from selected class and level (including npcs in combat becomes a snap)
  • Add more systems and sample worlds/campaigns
You seem a little... casual. No offence, but is my data safe?

Does a dragon hoard treasure? Ok, bad example because that does vary by mythology, but you get the idea. While this may be my side project, I am a Senior Full Stack developer with over 12 years dev experience. No shifty adventurers are getting by this dragon.


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